​Top Runner

​Special Supporter

The top runners in various fields support SENDto 2050 PPROJECT as "special supporter".
"Let's deliver a better future in 2050" Fellows who support that thought.

AI (singer) / Daisuke Takahashi (figure skater) / Kimu (poet / photographer) / YAMATO (ORANGE RANGE · singer) / Kayoko Fukushi (Athletes) / Sonar Pocket (Singer) / RIO (Artist / Radio DJ) / Kiyota Oshiro (Artist) /
TEE (singer) / Kayna Oyama (former volleyball player) / Micro (DefTech · singer) / Tomoko Ogihara (former swimmer) / Ryosuke Yamamoto (Triathlon) / JAY'ED (Singer) / Yoshihisa Hirano (Baseball Player) / Ichiro Tsukuda (Former American football player)