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Overseas Basketball Challenge

Became Proffesional


Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1977.Beginning basketball from elementary school fifth grade.
I continued basketball until I graduated from high school. However, I could not go to the national competition. Then, I will take Japanese university with basketball and ball, but they all failed.
I entered architecture school to give up basketball, but despite having passed away basketball by all means I dropped out of school. With a little money saved at part - time job,
In 1997 I dreamed of the first Japanese NBA player and went to the United States alone.
I did not have any kind of clothes I started playing from the street coat in the US,
received a scout from a university in the United States, and stood on the stage of a university basketball team. After that I continued to play in the US minor league.
In 2005, NBA received the first national draft nomination for NBD's stock league NBDL as a Japanese.
I climbed up to a step further to the realization of my dream, but my dream did not come true.
For about four years until retirement from 2006 to 2009,
I played with the world's highest team of street basketball "AND1 MixTape Tour". In 2009,
I retired in a triumphant match in Japan.
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